[Klöb Fröd] Yö Fest vol.4 Edition

[Klöb Fröd] Yö Fest vol.4 Edition
Ma 29.4.2024, klo 19.00.


19.00 Poku-Poku: ”The Electrical Presence of a Performance. An Application of Ohm's Law to Performance Art.”

Poku-Poku is a Finnish performance artist.

19.40 Jan Jankowski: Gruidah Nui

Jan Jankowski is a Polish cryptomythologist, asemiotician and a metagraphic artist specialised in the study of ancient Hyperborean culture. 
Gruidah Nui is an audiovisual performance based on late-archaic Hyperborean lullabies. 

20.10 Tapani Pirog: Splat

Tapani Pirog is a Helsinki-based ultramodernist and post-expressionist.

As part of the official meeting of the metaphysical discussion group [Klöb Fröd], Pirog will present his latest performance Splat, at Yö Galleria, Helsinki, in April 2024.