Yö Kekri vol.2 Kekrikulkueet

To 26.10. klo 19:00 alkaen:

The Helsinki Harps Folk Group: Thinning the veil
Maija Saksman ja koollekutsutut: Salaperäinen seurue


The Helsinki Harps Folk Group:Thinning the Veil

The performance will consist of musical performances, infused with
elements of ritual, theater and traditional Irish folk costumes. The
modern Halloween festival finds its origins in the Celtic festival of
Samhain. Like Kekri, Samhain is an ancient harvest festival marking the
beginning of Winter and shares many spiritual characteristics. At
Samhain it was believed the boundary, or veil between the world of the
living and the dead was thin enough that spirits crossed over and passed
between. As with Kekri, Samhain pertained to customs such as the
lighting of fires to guide the spirits of loved ones, the wearing of
charms, masks and costumes to ward off evil and perhaps most
importantly, the custom of participation of community in communal
events. These traditions provide a cathartic outlet for the shared
exercises endured by a society.

The Helsinki Harps Folk Group are a collective of musicians from all
walks of life, brought together by a common love of music and storytelling. 

The group has several core members, however participation and
inclusion is open to everyone.
Primarily made up of Irish migrants, the
group mainly practice Traditional Irish Folk Music, following in the
tradition of bands such as The Dubliners, The Fureys, The Pogues and
many beloved folk styles quintessential to Irish culture. Formed in
2022, The Helsinki Harps Folk Group have quickly developed from a casual
gathering of friends to performing at Ambassadorial Receptions, Arts and
Theatre Spaces as well as various drinking establishments.

Performers: Barry McCormack - Cameron Murphy - Dan Nickström - Eoin
O'Dowd - Paddy Reynolds - Pilar Zorro - Steve Maher - Tommi Kaurila



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