Past events


6.00pm -> 

"The Heroes of Action Painting behind the Windows with Utu Lautturi & Rudolf Styler"

Painters: Isabel Pathirane, Karo Malmivaara and Ilari Vanhatalo
Sound: Mikko Silventoinen a.k.a. Utu Lautturi
Light: Harri Ahvenainen a.k.a. Rudolf Styler

The event will be streamed live on Yö's own Youtube channel.

#yory #yöry #yögalleria #yöfest #yösali

4.1.2021 - 29.1.2021

Continuously running video art compilation by various members of Yö and Panu Varstala (loop duration 20 min.)

edited by: Harri Ahvenainen and Karo Malmivaara.

@ Vanha 123
Kaivokatu 37 B, Porvoo 

Mon-Fri 11-13 and 16-17.

For all ages

Free entry